Seth Regan is Mankind Tracer in Second Life

Seth Regan

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Seth Regan, a native New Yorker now residing in California, is a singer/songwriter who writes music that speaks to his audience through very relatable experiences and insights. His sound is one that combines classic and progressive rock influences with a modern pop/rock vibe.

After 20 years of professional touring with various cover and originals projects, Seth discovered Second Life in 2006. Second Life was a growing 3D Virtual Community where he began to perform shows regularly under the name “Mankind Tracer”. Quickly becoming a fan favorite, Seth rose to being the top rock artist and maintains that status today, among the now hundreds of performers in SL. Many of the current 12 million global members have become familiar with Seth’s music and brand. During his time performing in Second Life, Seth has been the recipient of the most prestigious awards including “Best Live Performer”, “Best Singer Songwriter”, “Listener’s Choice Award” and the “2011 Best of SL Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to Second Life”. He is without question Second Life’s most widely recognized rock performer.

Seth Regan is "Mankind Tracer" in Second Life.

Seth Regan is “Mankind Tracer” in Second Life.

Seth has self released four CDs including his most recent “Underground”. Seth says about Underground “It really is about exploring my “self”. All of the music is deeply personal to me and each song carries some experience I have been through. I hope to share it with the fans who may find something there that they can relate to in their own personal lives.”

Seth continues to perform in Second Life to a global audience and is constantly growing his already large fan base, exposing his music to new SL residents. He is also working on his next CD appropriately titled “Left of Center” due to it being a shift in style for him from his harder, guitar driven rock, to more of a rock/pop feel, while being true to his past influences. With this new CD, you can expect to find some great new songs including a classically arranged ballad, “Only For You”, and a dynamic anthem titled “I Am You” which have both quickly become fan favorites during his live acoustic shows.

Seth plans to keep his SL performances going, including continuing to stream his live video shows into SL and Facebook and capitalizing on the new YouTube live streaming service to further expand on his already forward thinking methods of performance. “In today’s ever changing music industry, is it very important for musicians to keep up with emerging technology and understand how influential it is to their careers and the music industry.”

Seth is also continuing to seek out licensing opportunities for placement of his music in TV, film, web and other media campaigns.


Yesterday Nov 9 I celebrated my third “rezday” (that SL speak for birthday… kinda). Those of you here on MS who know me in SL, I thank you for your continued support of my musical career and hope you will keep on coming out to the shows. It’s you  who make them what they are.. your interaction, you willingness to bring in others among other things.

The sponsors have been generous over the years, the venue owners as well but in my heart, I know its the friends and fans who mean the most to me. So stick around.

As a side note, I’d also like to mention that I have been invited to another virtual world to begin performing. Utherverse (UV) has asked me to begin performing my live shows. I will be the first to bring live music shows into this relatively new Virtual World (VW). While other VW’s are trying to keep up with SL’s immense popularity, I feel UV has the most potential both in momentum and technology. I should probably tell you that a good part of UV is more “adult” oriented so just keep that in mind.

While the UV shows will be different than in SL, in quite a few ways, I will still be performing live, possibly via video, and my shows will still, hopefuly, be driven mostly by audience requests. If you are presently a resident of SL, even if you’re not, please go check out UV and register with your SL avatar name so I will know who you are at the shows. It would mean so much to me to have some “family” at the first UV show, set for some time in mid December. That give you plenty of time to register and get a feel for this VW and all its controls, editing features, etc.

Pioneering anything is always tricky but I have been speaking personally with UV’s VP, tech department and marketing department leaders to get this moving as smoothly as possible. UV is free to join but I would urge you to go for the paid membership. My first show in UV is planned for December 18th at 7PM PST. You will need to join to attend. Just click this link and on the top left of my profile page, “Create a Free Account”.

We will be setting up a special area for the concert, an outdoor amphitheater in Virtual Vancouver which when filled to capacity, about 200 people, will replicate itself automatically to allow another 200 and so on. In theory we can have an infinite number of replicated amphitheaters for an unlimited amount of people attending. We will be marketing to a few million registered users of UV so I imagine it will be very cool for UV residents as this will be the first of its kind. I’m very excited about the prospect of spreading out to other VW’s but again, it would mean alot to me to have some familiar faces there with me. I’m also trying to get them to design animations for the Tracerettes as we have in SL. Will keep you posted on that.

Sponsors can reach me here or via email at There will be some banner space for sponsors on the stage and if we market this right, I’m hoping to get at least a few thousand people at the show and continue shows in UV and SL simultaneously. The sponsor banners will be placed on or around the stages for maximum exposure with clickable links that will go to a website or URL of your choice. I still need to solidify costs and placement with the VP Marketing at UV but I’m hopeful it will work out fine.

Again here’s the link to join. Thanks alot 🙂

About Mankind Tracer

picture-1.pngIn Second Life, I am Mankind Tracer, Seth Regan to all your real life people. I have been a professional singer/songwriter for many years, toured for about 20 years as lead singer and guitarist for a few original and cover bands. I discovered SL and found that there were residents just like me, musicians, artists, etc., who were expressing their art inworld. I thought, hey, why can’t I. It seemed like a great idea for recreation. So while I toiled with my web/graphic design and custom antique lighting busineses, I made time to begin performing in SL. Very soon I found that there were a lot of residents attending my shows. The numbers grew and pretty soon they were calling me “SL’s Premiere Performer”. It’s a title I enjoy but without the residents who have honored me with their continued attendance, the “title” would simply be words.I thoroughly enjoy performing all over SL. It is with great joy hat I accept the friendship of so many wonderful people globally whom I have met inworld. The residents of SL continue to attend my performances, so I will continue to play. To date we have about 2000 members in the Friends of Mankind Group and its growing constantly.

Thank G-d it’s over


WOOHOOOO!!! Yes it’s over! 20 sims (actually 23) and 5 long hours later of continously playing and singing live music. Surprisingly, and to my great joy and honor, I was so pleased to see how many SL residents actually took part in this historic event. Not only were there about 400 people on the stream, but a good number of them actually jumped from venue to venue along with my show.It was at about the halfway point, 2.5 hours in, that I realised my original idea of a 3 hour tour was going bye-bye! Then it hit me that I had to do a repeat of the last 2.5 hours. It’s true, inside I began to freak out a little, but still, I saw the people following the show and it gave me an extra push; even with Kaiya, Squirls, Luc and Francesca telling me to stop the show. Obviously these are my friends expressing their cocnern for the arduous task I was about to continue. But I was determined to do what I set out to do, a 20 sim show.All in all, I am really happy the way things turned out. The venue owners were supportive, they were agreeable to my ideas, the residents stayed up real late and enjoyed it and I proved to myself that the peace, love and belief I have in my own head and heart was strong enough to drive even the most raw of fingers to continue tapping the guitar string. Most of all, I think the idea of Peace, Love and Belief, the theme of my concert, really took a bit of a hold on many of the attendees. That was the goal of the show to begin with; to spread a positive idea that can possibly help others as it did myself. I feel good about it and I’m so glad that so many were there. My thanks to all who hung out with us and to all the participating venues. And a BIG thanks to Linden Labs for not hitting the OFF button before or during the show :-)Peace, Love and Belief!M

Mankind Tracer: 20 Sim Mega Concert

MANKIND TRACER DOES IT AGAIN: THE 20 SIM CONCERT!By Roxtar KiddDecember 20,2007On Sunday, January 6, 2008 at 2PM SLT, and in an incredible undertaking, Mankind Tracer, Second Life’s Premiere Rock Performer, is planning the largest ever FREE Second Life concert event. He will be streaming his show LIVE to an incredible 20 SIMS all around the SL Grid. The concert will start at the aptly named four sim venue, The Mankind Tracer Amphitheater, located at Haven’s Paradise where Mankind hangs his hat, playing a few songs at each venue and will end at The Cape, sim of his close friend Kaiya Manbi.Back in June of 2007, he launched his Mankind Tracer New Artist Program when he performed live to 12 different venues and helped launch the careers of several new acts still performing in SL. This event will top that by at least 8 venues, possibly more.Mankind Tracer is known for his incredible live rock shows playing everything from classic Pink Floyd and Clapton to newer music like Plain White Tees and Creed, staying current on new songs and always taking requests from his Standing Room only audiences. The Friends of Mankind Group, now at almost 800 members, recently joined forces and donated an amazing $L170,000 to UNICEF at First Meta’s concert, sponsored for them. Mankind’s events are always packed and many a venue has felt the power of his attendance numbers, giving him the recent name of Mankind Simcrasher (or Simkiller), both of which he certainly lives up to.The 20 Sim Concert is sure to make SL history as an event of this size has never been attempted before. Yes another first by Mankind Tracer. This guy always seems to find ways to outdo himself!The concert will consist of Mankind’s incredible original music blended with the many, MANY covers he performs including a long Pink Floyd set for his numerous fans who also love Floyd.So… what can we hope for next? Only time will tell!Confirmed Venues so far:Haven’s Paradise four sim Mankind Tracer Amphitheater, The Cape, The Wild Coast, The Bay, The Vibe HQ, First Meta, Solana Beach, The Crown and Pearl, Sound Factory, The Greek Corner Club, Moonshadow, Valhalla’s Beach Club, Portucalis, MJ’s Blues & Dance Club, Groningen Centrum, Booville, The Lost Frontier, Digital Nirvana, Rumble in Brighton, The Crazy Diamond!